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Friday, August 28, 2009

Vocaloid,the new generation of the music industry.

Vocaloid is a musical synthesizer application software developed by Yamaha Corporation this enables users to generate sounding singing by just having to put in lyrics and melody.

The history of Vocaloid is just a recent one.It was developed by the ever so famous Yamaha Corporation.The development of Vocaloid was announced in the year 2003.On the 15th January,the first Vocaloid products were launched.The products were given the name of Leon and Lola.Years later on January 2007,Vocaloid2 was launched.Vocaloid2 is a better and improved version of Vocaloid1.Following their successful launch,Yamaha introduced the English version and it goes by the name of Sweet Ann.
These are some examples of the characters developed by Yamaha for the Vocaloid product.

SWEET ANN is the first virtual singer based on Vocaloid2. She has as if cross sitches on her neck but it is actually her choker.This programme was released on June 29,2007.Her voice is inspired by a female pop singer.
MEIKO's voice is completely computer synthesised.Thus causing the programme to sound less smooth and a bit rough.She was first introduced into the market on November 5,2004.She is able to sing any type of genre which expands from hip-hop to rock.Her voice is based Japan's pop songstress Meiko Haigo.Her trademark is her red dress and she holds a microphone stand. PRIMA is apart of the newly improved programme Vocaloid2.This programme was relaesed on January 14,2008.MIKU HATSUNE is the most popular among her vocaloid members.She was released on August 31,2007.Due to her popularity,these character had been immortalised into comic books which she stares as the main character.The sampling of her voice comes from a Japanese singer called Saki Fujita.Moreover,high demands for this character had made producers create several songs under this character.She is able to sing from all sorts of genre but she sings mainly J-pop. LUKA MEGURINE is the third release apart of the Vocaloid2.Her released date was on January 30,2009.She is able to sing in Japanese and English.The main reason for her creation was to break all language and cultural barrier.She has a moody but husky female voice.Shortly after her release,she was a bigger hit and still is compared to Miku.MEGPOID is a cute character known for her famous character item which is a carrot.She was released on June 25th,2009.She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.Due to being only recently released,not much feedback is known about her.

GACKPOID was released on Julu 31,2008.For this creation,actor and musician Gackt lent his voice and stage name.The other name for this character is Kamui Gakupo. REN AND LEN KAGAMINE is the second installment of the Vocaloid series.Although they share the same family name but they are not brothers and sisters but reflections of a mirror.For this programme ,there are two voice banks that can be used.The programme is sold at the same price as Miku eventhough there are two voice banks.

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